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so that as each prophecy was fulfilled in these final days 

before the Rapture


will have the chance to repent

and be taken out of harms way

Jesus is the foretold Messiah of the world, who is, who was, and who is to come. There were literally hundreds of prophecies or “forth telling of future events” regarding this man, the messiah. These prophecies were written hundreds even thousands of years before Jesus Christ the man was born, predicting of his birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection in intricate detail. For the believer these truths help to solidify our faith and are very convincing proofs that Gods word is the truth. How else could the prophets have known the future in such detail if it were not for God speaking the very future through them…..Christ spoke concerning this in Mark 13 when he said “So be on your guard; I have told you everything ahead of time.” Jesus being God knows the future and has the ability to tell us the future ahead of time. Likewise from the old testament God said in Isaiah 42:8-9: “See, the earlier things have come to pass, new ones I now foretell; Before they spring into being, I announce them to you.” And again in Isaiah 46:9: “I am God, there is no other; I am God, there is none like me. At the beginning I foretell the outcome; in advance, things not yet done.”

Events in the Middle East since the uprising in Egypt in 2011 are end time prophecy...

Egypt Isaiah 19

Syria Isaiah17, Daniel 8, Jeremiah 50:41

Israel Psalm 83 Zechariah 12: 3

Iran Jeremiah 49


The next prophecy...bearing in mind ALL prophecies in the Bible leading up to these end time prophecies have been fulfilled...will be the vanishing of millions who have repented to Jesus... including ALL children too young to be accountable for not repenting


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this will be your only chance to survive

the coming reign of the antichrist!!


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